Cosmetics from Essenzza

Hello girls!
Today I want to show you some feminine cosmetic products of the brand Essenza that I have loved because of its originality and that everyone smells great.
cosmetics essenza

What is essenzza's cosmetics?

Essenzza is a company dedicated to the care of the body and mind through natural products, free of harmful chemicals for the organism.
Its main product lines they are the perfumes contraitipo depressive quality, the handmade soaps, the natural cosmetics .

They have a professional team is with a wide experience in the world of retail, both for the selection of successful products and in the assembly of stores, as well as laboratories specialized in cosmetics and perfume brands.

The flagship from Essenzza is your retail store, located in the city of Reus. Through this project, Essenzza reaches the end customer and can assess their needs more directly, assess market trends and innovate in the face of their demands.
They are focused on a demanding audience, which above all, values ​​the quality and care of their body, without renouncing at a fair price.
One of the products that has most helped me I like this originalpiruleta ​​b> of organic glycerin soap ideal as a gift for events or to surprise a special person. Usually they are usually given at baptisms, weddings and communions, although the truth is that after smelling it, I would give it away at any time.
The second product of feminine cosmetics that I teach you esun ...

Anti-cellulite with chocolaterápia hyperemia effect .

The effect of heat removes fat naturally, leaving a smooth and nourished skin. It reduces volume naturally. Now you're in luck you can get it for only 7.90 €

I've been using it for a while and I liked it a lot, it reduces cellulite a little bit. If you use it you should know that at the beginning when you put it on, you do not notice anything, but after a few minutes your skin will turn red like a cherry and you will get very hot in the area where you apply it. Do not be alarmed, it will happen in half an hour or so.

That if, I recommend it for winter, in summer do not even think about using it or you will die of heat.

 soap lollipop and anti-cellulite essenza
And what about these twopreciosities of essenzza ? To eat them.
Champagne and strawberry cake , made of organic glycerin, with a layer on the exfoliating base and a layer of frothy cream on top that makes it be a very moisturizing and creamy soap. They have several types of decorations, their approximate weight of 80 grams and its price of € 4.80.

And the truth is that I have not used it, because I feel very sorry to break it. It's gorgeous.

Effervescent muffin , this lovely cupcakes contains an effervescent base and shea butter, topped with a soap jelly.And the bottom part is a soap that also smells like strawberry.

muffins essenzza

Essenzza's perfumes:

And what to tell you about the perfumes both smell great. The perfumes of essenzza, are fragrances with olfactory tendency of perfumes like those that I have Amor amor de cacharel and Narciso Rodriguez . They both smell me just as wonderful leave the perfume for a long time and the best is its price 17 euros.
Let's say they are clones of well-known perfumes , but at very low prices.

perfumes imitation

What do you think about the cosmetic of essenzza ? Have you tried your products?