I do not want to be a princess

Hello girls !
The other day I went up one of my usual instagram photos I never fixed myself in the time I upload the photos and they said you're like the Cinderella You always upload a photo at 12. Detail of which I had not noticed but what is clear is that I am not a Cinderella .
disney princess
- First because if I had sisters, I'm sure I was the bad one, second because if I do not get to the coach I take my favorite shoes in my hand and I run out and third because I'm sure I was wearing sneakers. But even so my prince-toad would have a hard time finding me because I'm sure many they are the ones with a number 38.
- Neither could it be snow white because the dwarves next to me would simply be my height and also that I let myself be fooled by an apple? For an apple! Man for a donut or an ice cream can but for an apple as well as not.
- I could not be the little mermaid because I already have legs and I was going to accept a change and Will they take my voice away? Buucon how difficult it is to be quiet, it would not be the little mermaid either.
- But I really did not find any because being a princess in the times that run is impossible mission so much kitsch and living in the world of yupi no longer carries. On the other hand, I do have my mini me, which is that I have the blog header with its defects and virtues and with which I am happier than a partridge.

In short, I do not want to be a princess .

And you want to be a princess or teaceptas how are you? Kisses