Spaicosmetic products

Hello girls!

Today I want to show you some products from feminine cosmetics from the brand Spaicosmetic , it's a company specialized in the manufacture of third brands, customers who by potential wish to have their own line of highly profitable corporal or hair cosmetics, apart from the big brands, thus giving prestige to their own company and that for space or other reasons they should not buy Extraordinary amounts of product.

Spaicosmetic product reviews:

The first product of > feminine cosmetics that I show you called Generic serum , a concentrated conditioner for all types of hair.

This can be applied a couple of beats on damp hair to untangle and/or a pulsation to give shine and softness in the dry mane.
Provides shine without greasing the hair respecting the amounts.

What I usually do is wash my hair and when I combed it I apply a few pulsations to unravel the hair, and also gives me a touch of brightness that looks very nice.

The price of Generic serum is € 17.20 and its size is 50 ml.

Shampoo specific krt , is a sulfate-free shampoo containing Keratin ideal for weak or damaged hair. Above all it is a shampoo that treats and repairs hair from the inside, which can sometimes give the sensation of rough touch since when filling the hair fiber with Keratin, the hair tends to harden and strengthen.
Apply two small doses if the first does not generate much foam.

I like it, my hair is very clean, but if I do less than a little foam.

If I like that it helps to untangle the hair and makes it easier to comb your hair.

Soothing balm generic s keratin , It is a conditioner that also contains Keratin, ideal for all types of hair. This balm repairs the hair from the inside but also softens the outer cuticle.
Translating it into Spanish, it is a soothing balm for hair that also gives us shine.

Its price is 16.50 euros, a bit expensive, but the size of the boat is quite big.

Universal Crem , is a skin moisturizer with sweet almond oil, ideal for all types of skins and with a very large pot, it can also be used for after the shower.

I use it for the whole body, and despite having hyper dry skin, I keep it very hydrated and nourished throughout the day.Its concentration of Keratin is greater.

The h. of keratin are used mainly in products intended for damaged hair and as a preventive of healthy hair, decreasing the tendency to form split ends, improving the combing and giving body to the hair. The keratin hydrolysates are absorbed and incorporated into the structure of the capillary keratin.
Applying the M KERATIN is a repair product without losing a lot of volume, apply tips to half a length leaving it to act for 5 - 7 minutes. If you want to lose more volume and frizz apply from roots to ends and leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes.

Aloegel , as its Indica name is an aloe vera gel perfect for summer because the Aloe gel will serve to regenerate the skin as after sun in case you had a burn, you can also apply it on the face.

Acts so skin irritations, insect bites, abrasions or dermatitis. Recommended before and after sun exposure, as well as after waxing or shaving.

Its size is 330 ml and its price is 7 euros.

What do you think of the spaicosmetics products?