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Nearly 3 decades ago Brett Elmore was working in a sign company, and his love of drawing just couldn’t be contained any longer. Switching from working with signs to working on masterpieces on skin. Since 2000, Brett has brought Bulletts Ink in Mt. Airy, Maryland to be a leader in his tattoo community.

“The commitment of those getting tattoos is amazing,” said Brett, “and the honor of doing that tattoo, even after all this time creating them is humbling.” Memorial pieces in particular, of those who lost loved ones are the most memorable. “The tributes and the stories behind them, help to make the process of getting a tattoo that much more special,” Brett added.


Leave bandage on for at least 1/2 hours, but no more than 3 hours.

Remove bandage, with clean hands gently wash tattoo area with Anti Bacterial soap and water, rinse.

Blot dry with clean paper towel, keep tattoo moist at all times, use the Aquaphor ointment for 3 to 4 days.

Switch to fragrance free Lubriderm, and keep it on the tattoo until it looks like normal skin.

No sun for the first month, use sunscreen thereafter.

Do not pick or scratch the tattoo.

No swimming or soaking in water for 2 weeks.

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No advice from friends, if you have any questions, call us 301-829-8500


For the first few weeks wash your piercing two times a day with antibacterial soap.  Blot dry with clean towel. Then with a Q-tip, apply a small amount Bactine on the top and bottom hole.

After a few weeks, you can start cleaning your piercing one time a day.

NEVER! NEVER!  … touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the shop at 301-829-8500

Tattoo Removal

Because the mind could not overcome how much this tattoo mattered bothered this individual, she requested a complete removal. Visiting one of the first certified Tatt2Away centers, the artist was able to completely remove the black ink and minimize scarring. Given the depth of the original tattoo and heaviness of the black ink these results surpassed the individual’s expectations.

More so, the technician was able to ensure that should the individual ever desire another piece of artwork that truly matters, they have that option!

DESCoverup: The New Tattoo Cover-Up

Tattoos are not meant for the faint of heart! Inscribing permanent ink with an unskilled artist can result in pure confusion, not to mention incomplete syntax! This individual prayed 4 a cover-up that would make his existing art into a heavenly masterpiece!

The left image indicates the original tattoo located on the back of his forearm, which reads PRAY 4 MY.  The right image is the result of the complete cover-up using the DESCoverup Technique with Tatt2Away’s patented stencil and solution.

Using the Tatt2Away DESCoverup technique, the artist and individual removed limitations on design and strategy by selectively removing the darker pieces and curving of the letters. After removing the “problem areas” of the original ink the artist was able to answer his prayers!

Selective Tattoo Removal

Selective tattoo removal is ideal when only a specific aspect of the piece needs to change. This individual needed a correction to the year. Take note that the original ink and the new ink do not look like they were done years apart!

This is essential, and often ink-evolution is difficult to do as older ink will fade and designs can shift with lapse of time. Tatt2Away gives the technician complete control during the removal process so that the re-inking process results in a better match of color and design.

About Bulletts Ink

About Bulletts Ink